Kaitlyn Quach: Comics Artist

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    > AGE: 17

    > Hometown: New York City

    Kaitlyn Quach has been drawing comics since third grade as a way to express the frustrations of life (which, at the time, were mostly mean kids and math class). Now a senior in high school, Kaitlyn’s frustrations include mountains of homework and responsibilities. She creates comics for others to relate to, and as a way to vent. She uses a simple art style with solid lines to convey her message more clearly; the only thing that matters is that her readers get a little chuckle. Besides drawing, Kaitlyn enjoys reading, daydreaming, and crafting stories.

    Find her on Instagram @kaitoonist.

    By Kaitlyn Quach
    By Kaitlyn Quach
    By Kaitlyn Quach


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