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A letter from iGeneration Youth editor-in-chief, Coral Coons

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Coral Coons, Editor-in-Chief




Young reporters and visual artists from all over the world are brimming with unique perspectives and compelling stories, which we publish each month. We give youth the representation, platform, and training to expand the frontiers of storytelling in a way that resonates with their peers.

And it couldn’t be happening at a better time.

This is an exciting new chapter for young storytellers, and it’s only the beginning.’

Today’s youth are engaged and organized on a global scale. Amid an ever-growing political presence and surge of activism among our peers, we are witnessing a change in the youth of this generation all over the world.

We know how much youth need content that is engaging, inspiring, and relevant to our interests and concerns. We write about issues that matter to all of us, whether publishing fun articles on travel and cooking or hard-hitting investigative stories.

I am thrilled to be overseeing a team of global contributors who create this magazine. At 24, I come to iGeneration Youth with a background in journalism that began when I was just 11 years old. The rest of our team also is comprised of young adults who have a serious interest in an arts-, writing-, business-, or tech-related career. Editor-at-large, Callie McQuilkin, 18, is a prolific writer who just finished her first year at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. Our travel editor, Cassia Tsura, 22, is from Devon, England. She’s a columnist and creative nomad who has traveled to 24 countries in the past three years. She is based, for now, in Thailand.

Our writers, photographers, illustrators, and video producers also are teens and young adults, based in several countries. We each have unique perspectives to bring to this operation that allow us to bring you content in a way you may not have seen before.

For instance, we’ve devoted a section in this issue, starting on page 49, to the gun violence epidemic plaguing America. We tackle the topic in a way that only youth directly affected by it can.

We also have a story on another major concern to youth: climate change. On page 22, we hear from 13 young climate activists in 10 countries about their school strikes for climate. Alongside these are fun stories such as the one on page 14, about La Casa de Carlota, a design studio in Barcelona whose artists with developmental disabilities bring fresh perspectives to their work.

We will bring you stories like these in each issue, covering a range of topics relevant to global youth. From politics and environmental issues to cooking and entertainment features, we strive to bring you content that is entertaining, informative, and useful.

Our goal is to amplify young voices, and we have a valuable platform to help us do so. We are syndicated by Tribune Content Agency, a media company supporting thousands of publications in nearly 100 countries. Now a valuable part of that family — and the only U.S., produced-by-youth production to be so – iGeneration Youth stories are available to newspapers, magazines, and digital information publishers around the world.

This is an exciting new chapter for young storytellers, and it’s only the beginning.

I hope you can see yourselves in the stories we share. They represent all of us. But our stories go deeper than just representation. We are the stories.

We are the truth seekers, storytellers, and trailblazers of this generation.

We are the future of journalism.

We are iGeneration Youth.



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