Reflections on “Coastal town urges businesses to ban single-use plastics”

Sometimes those seemingly minor details are what your readers need to fully understand not only the content, but also its importance and call to action. 

Reflections on “Scientists and fishermen wrangle with uncertain future of Maine’s lobster fishing industry”

I learned to be true to myself and embrace the truth in reporting.

Hot Off the Press

A letter from iGeneration Youth editor-in-chief, Coral Coons

‘Pride is Political’ Reflection

I feel like the written word is a beautiful way for people to reconcile underlying issues, and enables people to use simple subject matter to discuss bigger concepts!

Reflections on writing writing ‘Two Ohio University Professors Turn Toxic Sludge Into Stunning Artwork’

Although human beings are just one piece of its puzzle, we have the power and the choice to either save or destroy nature for future generations.