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United States

Carley Campbell, 18, is a writer from Dumont, New Jersey. She enjoys reading, baking, and gardening. She also plays oboe and volunteers at her local arboretum.

A college student’s perspective on the uncertain future

When I entered my dormitory for the first time, toting all my possessions in reusable bags and Amazon boxes, my dad told me straight away not to unpack anything unnecessary.

She’s All Heart

From heart-shaped pillows to advocacy, 14-year-old Lorelei is a champion of kindness

Disabled teens write for positive representation in Cr*pple Magazine

“One part of me is not less than the other, and the other is not more than. It’s hard for society to swallow this pill.”

The Marksman Who Quit the NRA

Gerry Souter spent decades as a devoted NRA member. Now he thinks the group’s mission is misguided.

Who’s Who in the News?

How many newsmakers can you identify in this multiple choice quiz?

Missing the Target Made History

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is frequently in the news. What do you know about this organization? Here are some things that might surprise you.

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